Masjid Weekly Updates

AlSalamo Alykom brothers and sisters,
These are the weekly announcements of the Winners Masjid:


1- In preparing to Ramadan, The Winners Masjid will be available daily for families or individuals to make their Iftar at the Masjid. Any one can sponsor a day or more and invite his families and friends. Please allow for 10-15 walk-ins individuals to share your Iftar. The sign-up sheet is at this link. Please add the required data:


2- ALHamdo Lellah, the grading work for the fields started two days ago. There will be in shaa Allah two multi purpose grass fields with Bermuda weather resistant grass (Two soccer fields, 23,000 and 10,000 square feet) and two fenced sand volleyball courts. We are aiming at using these fields before Ramadan in shaa Allah. Below are the images of the imported soil for fields bedding and the layout of the fields.


3- Friday Night Program Is cancelled tomorrow Friday 3/30 due to travel of many people.


4- Youth Committee is organizing a sports night (Reserved a BIG size soccer field shown below) for ages middle school and above on Saturday April 6th 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm at The Factory (1839 S Main St, Wake Forest, NC 27587) as shown in the flyer below. The program is free. For more details, call or text: (919) 533-9043
5- The afternoon Quran school is open AlHamdo Lellah with 25 students so far. The school will run every Monday and Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:30 ISA. Please fill out this survey if you are interested at enrolling your kids. We have few spots left for registration at:
6- Registration for the pre-school program ages 3-5 years old is still open. The program will run at The Winners Masjid temporary location in North Raleigh. For more details contact sister Rania Samara at (919) 805-2082:
7- Every Saturday after Fajr, you can share your breakfast with brothers at the Masjid. It is a great opportunity to pray Fajr, have breakfast in a great gathering and pray two Rakaat of Al-Doha prayer.