Construction Updates 4/15/2020

AlSalamo Alykom.
For those who did not have a chance to visit the Masjid site, here is a quick update. AlHamdo Lellah the foundations and slab-on-grade are done. Also, plumbing and electrical work are connected to the Masjid. Here is an aerial photo showing the followings:

1- Prayer Hall
2- Vacant land for future expansion of the prayer hall
3- Brothers and sisters entrances and restrooms
4- Indoor Gym (Indoor Basketball court)
5- Classrooms at the north and south
6- Mezzanine (2nd floor) entrance)
7- In the back of the photo, you will see the two soccer fields (26,000 and 10,000 sq. ft) plus two volleyball court.

The image does not show the rest of the project (Parking, playground and picnic shelters in shaa Allah