Live Streaming of Taraweeh from North Raleigh Masjid

AlSalamo Alykom every one.

Ramadan Mubarak for everyone. May Allah SWT accepts our fasting and good deeds. While we face unprecedented situation that keeps us all at homes, we had to find a way to spread the spirit of Ramadan while we all stay at home.

Please keep in mind that the Masjid is closed to the public for all prayers and activities including Jumaa and Taraweeh. So, only live streaming of the Imam but no one will be allowed to enter the Masjid till further notice in shaa Allah.

Live Isha and Taraweeh prayer will be streamed at 9:20 pm all nights of Ramadan starting tomorrow, Thursday 4-23 in shaa Allah.

The nightly program will include a short talk by Dr Hamdy Radwan about the Ayat recited for the night, Mohamed & Ali Hida will lead the prayer, and another short talk after 4 Rakaat. Duaa in Watr will be provided.

MYCC encourage you to tune to the streaming via:

Let us benefit from this different Ramadan this year as much as we can, may Allah accept from all of us

In shaa Allah we will send shortly the other live programs for kids and youth. Please stay tuned