Salamo Alykom brothers and sisters.

Our community went through a tragic event when we lost three of our beloved youth. Br Deah and sisters Yusor and Razan (may allah have mercy on them and grant them Janna in’sha’Allah) lived their lives as model citizens and exemplary Muslims. They balanced their success in Dunya while keeping their after-life and Janna as their ultimate goal. They lived as good Muslims, good citizens and good humans, we believe them to be as such and do not praise the merits of anyone in front of Allah. We all hope to raise our children in this country to lead such a life and pray that they carry on the legacy of our three winners. This fits within the mission of our project as a Muslim Youth and Community Center, a place that empowers the youth and prepares them to be model individuals in their faith and in their citizenship in’sha’Allah.

With that in mind, the MYCC board proposes that we name our new Masjid “The Winners” masjid to keep their good memory and let their story serve as an example to our children. In addition, the three streets going through the new community will be named – after Deah, Yusor and Razan (Way, Rd. or St.) in’sha’Allah.

Also, the project took one step forward with the submission of the site plan and permits to the city, this will convert the project from an undeveloped land to subdivided land with streets and lots. This submission included required details from engineering companies and surveyors including:

  • Site layout
  • Entrance and streets
  • Land survey and topography
  • Tree conservation
  • Underground lines

Our next step is the infrastructure design upon receiving the first review from the city within two weeks in’sha’Allah.

Finally, we ask for your continued Dua’a and support and we remind you of our need for more youth to join our committees, this project’s mission is to empower them and put them in the leadership.

Jazakum Allah Khair, Wassalam.

MYCC Board of Trustees