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Alhamdulillah, the following items were achieved in the past few months, paving the way towards construction:

  1. Selected best offer our of three contractor bids in response to our tender.
  2. Received City approval for the design of the road, water and sanitation networks.
  3. Acquired the license to start the grading of the land. Working now on the permit for infrastructures (Design already approved).
  4. Erosion control and mobilization processes are already underway.
  5. Target date for completing the tree-cutting and land grading is in November / December time frame in’sha’allah.
  6. Signed a letter of intent with the General Contractor to be part of the design phase.
  7. Completed 90% of the design phase of the Masjid and Community Center buildings. (Look at the below images for the Masjid site plan view and internal design). Once we receive this approval we will follow with the review process of the building designs. The building design includes spacious prayer area, atrium, gymnasium, 8 classrooms, locker rooms, and meeting rooms
  8. Signed an MOU with the construction company for the Masjid area.
  9. Hired an office manager to facilitate construction work and community web site updates