Facility Uses

The steering committee has identified a location in North Raleigh that would satisfy the needs of the community for the next few decades inshallah. Below are the detailed activities that the center would offer to our community at large.

Area of Land and Masjid

  • Net Land = 7 acres (Including shares in commercial land, public street and pond)
    • Gross building area (19,106):
      • 1st Floor 15,383 ft^2
      • 2nd floor (Mezzanine) 3,723
  • Masjid area = 3232 square foot, ceiling height 16 ft
    • Separate entrances for brothers and sisters
    • Parking associated with the Masjid only (initial 2.5 acres lot).
      • Marked parking on-site 66
      • Street parking 36

        Also: Many more to be added with the commercial land development and the newly added land)

Sports Activities

  • High ceiling Gym area 6118 ft^2, maximum height 25 ft
  • Exercise room 520 ft^2
  • Men and women locker room
  • Men and women restroom

Educational Activities

  • 7 classrooms (average area 260 ft^2)

Social and Other

  • Separate lobbies for brothers and sisters
  • Warming Kitchen
  • Three storages
  • Two offices
  • Family restroom
  • Children restroom


The whole 2nd floor (Mezzanine) 3,723 ft^2, is empty space for future expansions